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Natureye Eye Mask


Relieves tired, dry and Strained eyes with pure cotton sheets filled with plant & herb extracts.

The Natureye can be used by children, teenagers to prevent myopia, and all other ages for the best eye care and tired eyes reliever for your eyes.

Each box contains 10 pairs of ALL natural eyemask!

Why you should buy this product?

Natureye is highly effective in penetration, fully absorbed, and can maintain your eyes for a long time.

 Put forward natural plant essence through traditional and modern technology.

 It is green and safe without any toxic and side effects

 It is simple and convenient. It only takes 15-20 minutes to enjoy a healthy and bright life.

How much is its effective time?

15 minutes are effective, through acupoint massage and penetration i.e., the essence of traditional Chinese medicine through the skin. One week of usage can obviously alleviate the eyes to a much healthier look.

Why is Natureye more advanced than eye drops?

Safety is the only difference between Natureye and eye drops. The eye patch is administered through the skin. Eye diseases are treated through acupoints to relieve eye discomfort and fatigue. In order to get quick results, eye drops are often added with hormones and preservatives, which used for a long time may result in dependence.


How to Use this product?


Authoritative Test

Product Amelq Holdings, Singapore, Certified by FDA & CE
Natureye eye patch is manufactured in strict accordance with production standards and has passed CE, ROHS International certification and testing.