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AMELQ Holdings is a holding company with various brands under our arm.

 Our business involves general trading for consumer healthcare-related products targeted at improving our customer's quality of life. We trade personal care products and traditional herbs infused products to South-East Asia Countries. 

We are also the exclusive franchisee for Bio.SoilZ and Bio.PlantZ, a German Bio-Agricultural product in various regions. Primarily focusing on restoring ecological balance, saving farmers cost, increasing in yield, producing organic fruits and crops while turning more regions into arable lands. We hope to play a part to meet the challenge of feeding the growing population with healthier affordable fruits & crops. This product elimilate the use of fertilizers and pesticides.

AMELQ comes from the abbreviation of "ameliorate" (əˈmiːlɪəreɪt) and Q for "Quality of life".

This is the mission & vision of our company

Explore the rest of our website to learn more, and get in touch with any questions.

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Bio.PlantZ is meant for soil fertility, it stimulates microorganism in the soil, Soil microorganisms begin to function optimally and microbes start multiplying and colonizing around the roots of the plant 

  • More oxygen will be produced

  • More organic matter is decomposed

  • revitalizing the soil

  • minerals are effectively processed and transpformed into soluble nutrients


Drop us a email if you are interested in retailing any of our products

+65 9362 5768 (Aidan) | +65 8383 4671 (Caleb)

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